ACON Southern is an outreach based program staffed by Community Health Promotion Officers who work with communities from Wollongong in the North, to the Victorian boarder and west of the range across the Murrumbidgee. ACON Southern programs are concentrated on delivering outcomes that promote the health and wellbeing of the GLBT community and people affected by HIV, with a focus on the reduction of HIV transmission.

ACON develops and implements a program of outreach activities by working in partnership with community groups and other organisations across the Southern region to: Promote HIV prevention messages and campaign materials including safe sex equipment to GLBT people, people with HIV and other affected communities Promote sex, sexuality, sexual health and other relevant health messages and campaign materials to GLBT people, people with HIV and others Deliver training and information on HIV, and GLBT health and related issues to organisations and groups who work with our communities Host events and activities that promote health and wellness to our communities Provide supported referral to appropriate local services who can respond to individual health and welfare needs Advocate for a healthy, resilient and inclusive GLBT community Raise public awareness of the issues facing our community

Opening Hours

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