What is Physie? Physie is a fusion of dance and sport. Physical Culture (physie) is a fantastic sport for girls from 3 years all the way through to over 60s. Our dance syllabus is a combination of Warm up - Ballet - Exercises - Jazz - Hip Hop - Stretch - Yoga.

All routines are performed to modern music, with syllabus updated annually to reflect popular dance styles. Physie is beneficial for all ages with fun-filled classes promoting
  - Flexibility
  - Coordination
  - Rhythm
  - Strength

BJP Physie has been established in Australia for 120 years, with some 130 clubs running across the country. Beginners are always welcome at our classes! All routines are built upon as the year progresses, culminating in group and individual performances at the end of the year.

Classes are held at Albion Park High School Performing Arts Studio

Opening Hours

  • Tuesdays Afternoon
  • Thursdays Afternoon
  • Saturdays

Projects and Programs

  • Ballet
  • Exercises
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Stretch
  • Yoga