Lake Illawarra forms a focus for the school and its community. The coastal environment provides the major forms of recreation for the students and their families. The school is located in a changing dormitory suburb of Wollongong, within the Shellharbour City Council precincts. The school has a very strong focus on literacy, numeracy and student welfare. It is best summarised by the statement in our school crest as a “caring and sharing” place of learning. This focus drives our approach to our students and our interaction with the community. This school is concerned with developing a positive, caring student who strives to achieve his or her potential.

The students are encouraged to achieve by the school actively assisting in their ability to set realistic but high expectations and goals. To attain this, the School endeavours at all times, in every way it can, to develop the students levels of knowledge, self discipline, social and academic skills. The school community has the expectation that its students will be well taught in a nurturing, caring environment by highly competent teachers so that they will achieve to the best of their abilities.