The motto of Mount Terry Primary School ‘Growing Strong, Reaching Far’ depicts the ethos of the school. The motto is a strong ideal and reflects the impact of the school on young lives as the education offered at the school ensures a strong basis for future directions in life.

Mount Terry Primary School has been providing a service to its community since 1995. Mount Terry Primary School is a proud public school in the NSW Department of Education and Training education system.

Whilst Mount Terry Primary School is a comparatively new school it has already established an enviable reputation. Academically the results of the school are regularly in the higher bands of the statewide standardised testing program.

The school is situated in a growing residential area at the southern end of the suburb of Albion Park, on the road to the township of Jamberoo. The children who attend this school come from predominantly young families.  The school population in 2012 is around 650 students. The staff, which have been appointed to the school, offer a dedicated approach to teaching in a stimulating environment. Environmental education, dance, music, technology and sport are strong segments of the curriculum offered to the students.

The community at Mount Terry, like any community, has its own special needs. Parents in this community are seeking a school that prepares their children for high school and the adult world beyond. Parents want a school that provides a safe and happy environment where learning is valued.

Mount Terry Primary School welcomes children and parents of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. The school is blessed with a supportive parent community that assists staff in achieving school community goals.