Age Friendly Illawarra - A scoping Study

by 18 November 2020

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Age Friendly Illawarra - A scoping Study

We are researchers from the University of Wollongong. Now we are conducting a research project entitled “Age-Friendly Illawarra, What does it look like?” This project aims to understand the perceptions of the middle-aged and older people (defined as age≥45yrs) about age-friendliness in Illawarra. These opinions will be investigated, synthesised and published to inform the local government and the relevant organisations to improve facilities and services for older people in Illawarra. Please find the details of the project in the attached documents, i.e. a poster and an information sheet.

We would like to ask if you are willing to share this campaign with your membership. If you are willing and your members are interested in participating in our project, please send their phone numbers and email addresses to us, or ask them to email to express their interests directly. Thank you, and looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
Ting Song
On behalf of the Project Team