Problem Gambling Free Community Education

by 6 October 2020

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Problem Gambling Free Community Education

Problem Gambling is a hidden Public Health issue affecting individuals, families, communities.
Would you like to know more?
Book a Free Community Education Session
Each session is co-facilitated by a Gambling Help Counsellor and a member of our Lived Experience team who will share their experiences of gambling harms and the journey of recovery.
Learn More About
• The effects of problem gambling on individuals and families
• How gambling harms impact communities
• Ideas to support those who may be affected
• Support services in your area and online
Contact our Project Officers:
Day/Evening Session can be arranged for your staff, community Group, service organisation, students etc.
Free counselling is available at Gambling Help 1800 858 858 Lived_Experience_Education_Session_Flyer_2019.pdf