Conditions of Hire




Shellharbour Village Exhibition Space
Conditions of Hire

If you would like a printed version of these Conditions, please open and print here.

We encourage interested parties to visit the space or view Image Gallery before submitting their Expression of Interest.

Who is eligible to hire the space?


  • Individual and group applications are welcome from established and emerging artists, craftspeople or performers working in all creative mediums and art forms.
  • These may include but are not limited to; traditional visual art forms, conceptual art, photographic works, installations, film and video, fashion and design, print and mixed media, music performances, poetry readings, workshops and forums.
  • The person responsible for hire must be 18 years or older. Proof of age may be required before Council confirms the booking.
  • Eligibility is ultimately subject to the discretion of Council.

Selection Process

In the event of receiving applications with conflicting dates, priority may be given to those which;

  • have local relevance where the artist lives, works or studies in Shellharbour, Illawarra, or demonstrates a clear connection to local communities;
  • provide an interactive or educational arts related opportunity (workshop/activity) to those who live in the Shellharbour Local Government area;
  • promote innovation, diversity and quality in contemporary arts practice;
  • demonstrate a high level of technical ability, artistic competency, professionalism and present a coherent body of work or theme for exhibition;
  • provide diversity in art forms, exhibition concepts and projects to achieve a varied exhibition program;
  • are hiring for a full week or have not hired in the previous three (3) months.

How much does it cost?

Per Week:  $217 + Refundable Bond
Per Day:  $30  (pro rata, minimum 3 days over weekend) + Refundable Bond
Refundable Bond:  $206

Non Profit per week: $109
Non Profit Refundable Bond: $103

Refundable Key Bond:  $52

Please Note:

  • Public Liability Insurance may incur an additional cost.
  • Document proof if claiming Non-Profit status must be provided with application.
  • Under S356 of the NSW Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), the cost of SVES hire during Youth, Reconciliation and NAIDOC weeks will be waived to $630.00 (based on three weeks hire).
  • A Call Out Fee will be applied if after hours security identifies a failing to secure building/facilities/amenities or turning off lights.

Deposit / Bond

A deposit of 10% of the hire charge must be paid at the time of booking. The balance of the hire charge must be paid 1 month before the exhibition/event commences.

A combined damage security and cleaning bond of $206, must be lodged two weeks prior to the booking. The exhibition space will be assessed at the end of each hire period. Any damage, misuse or other cleaning and maintenance costs will be deducted from the bond. 

Public Liability Insurance

Hirers must provide evidence of their own private Public Liability Insurance which must be current for period of event. The policy must state that cover is 'Australia Wide' or 'World Wide' (minimum cover $20M). If the hirer does not have Public Liability Insurance, Council's Facility Overhead Contribution fee will apply and is an essential part of your hiring contract. Shellharbour City Council will refer you to the appropriate Officer for determination.

Facility Overhead Contribution Fee: $83 (events without proposed alcohol consumption) or $114 (events with proposed alcohol consumption).

How do I apply?

Call for Applications

Each April, Council calls for applications for the following financial year commencing July. Artists who do not receive this notice are encouraged to still apply and join our mailing list for future notifications.

Application Forms

1)  For consideration, please first complete an online Expression of Interest Form (EOI) with examples of your work attached.
2)  Upon approval of EOI, we will send you a Booking Form. This must be completed and retuned to secure and finalise booking.

Please consider the following in your application:

  • Ensure it is fully complete and all required attached documentation is current at time of event. Applications may be forfeited due to incomplete sections including payment or proof of required current documentation.
  • Weeklong bookings run from Tuesday to Monday and are a minimum of three days over weekends.
  • Hirers may determine their own opening times providing they are open to the public between the advertised hours of 10am – 2pm and close no later than 9pm.
  • Set-up and set-down time are included within the booking period.

Confirmation / Payments

1) If your application has been successful you will receive a letter of confirmation with further information on your booking.

2) A deposit of at least 10% of the hire charge must be paid as soon as possible after you have received confirmation. Your booking will not proceed without this payment.

Payment Options:

  • Cash / Credit:  Please pay at Council's front counter at Lamerton House, Lamerton Crescent, Shellharbour City Centre.
  • Cheque: Please make cheque to: Shellharbour Village Exhibition Space and post or deliver to Shellharbour City Council.

3) The balance of the hire charge must be paid 30 days before the event.

  • No refunds will be made for bookings that are cancelled within 30 days of the exhibition/event.
  • When keys are returned after event, Council staff will inspect that the Exhibition Space has no damage and has been adequately cleaned before refunding bond into the nominated bank account on your application form.
  • Council reserves the right to change your booking date to accommodate travelling exhibitions and Council related events.


  • Please pick up a set of keys no earlier than the day before your event from Level 1, Lamerton House, Shellharbour City Council. These will contain a swipe card for the door and a security code. A $52 key bond is payable at this time.
  • Keys are to be returned 4:30pm on the last day of hire (or next working day). The key bond will be returned at this time.
  • Where a booking falls within the Council closed Christmas period (Dec 24 – Jan 2), alternative arrangements will be made for key collection and return. * This may require signing of an additional document.

What do I need to do now?



  • Production of invitations / promotional material / signage for your event is your responsibility. Shellharbour City Council and SVES logos must display on promotional material (emailed on request).
  • Council will consider your event for a media release and other promotions providing your information is submitted via Expression of Interest Form no later than 30 days before your event.
  • Council may provide features or listings in:

    Council's Seasonal Calendar of Events
     Our What's On Newsletter that is distributed to all our subscribers (subscribe here).
     Local media including the Lake Times
     News/Events on Council's websites including Directories and Tourism.
     The SVES and Council's Social Media sites (like us on Facebook).

Hirer Responsibilities

  • Production, delivery and installation of exhibition, workshop or event and the removal of all belongings within the hire period dates.
  • Providing all materials, equipment, consumables, crockery, cutlery and fixings for their event at their own cost.
  • Any sale of art/items to be directly between the artist and the potential buyer. Council staff will not assist in the sales transaction. No commission or fees are required from the artist for any sale of items.
  • Consult with Council if there are any significant changes to the exhibition or project proposal.

Exhibition Space

  • An event representative is required to remain inside the space at all times during the event.
  • Parking is available directly outside the space for loading and unloading only.
  • No signage or any other items are permitted on the footpath, walls, windows and doors (interior and exterior) of the SVES, unless prior permission has been granted.
  • The use of nails, sticky tape, blue-tac etc, which defaces walls and other surfaces is not permitted and may incur a charge for cleaning/repair.
  • Report any damages of facility, equipment or lost keys to Council immediately.
  • Return all items back to storage including plinths, outdoor flags and replace all hangers neatly on hanging system (if removed). Please refer to Checklist at SVES before leaving.
  • Ensure space is clean and tidy with all belongings, rubbish or associated items removed from the space disposed of responsibly off site.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed and After-hours alarm protection is engaged when you leave.


  • Artworks must be an original design created by the artist that does not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights or copyright law.
  • Artworks must be appropriately framed or foam/board mounted with secure hooks or wires attached to frame for hanging.
  • Display artworks in a professional and neat manner using the hanging system and/or plinths provided. Professional art curation advice from staff is available upon request. (or ask for instructional sheet on hanging artworks).
  • Exhibitions and displays which promote a particular religious, political group or cause, or which breach State or Federal legislation relating to discrimination, racial vilification, offensive behaviour, defamation and elections, will not be permitted.
  • Council reserves the right to request the immediate removal of any exhibition item or material that breaches any such legislation, policies or guidelines at its discretion. Should it be necessary for Shellharbour City Council to remove any material under the arrangements outlined above, it will result in a forfeiture of the hirer's bond.

What about legal stuff?


Other Licences

  • Shellharbour City Council will automatically be granted, at no charge, the perpetual non-exclusive right to reproduce the whole or any part of visual material submitted and works exhibited, in electronic form, hard copy or otherwise for the purpose of education, publicity and promotion or grant this same permission to approved associated funding bodies.
  • Shellharbour City Council acknowledges and respects that copyright of the work remains the property of the artist. Artists will be acknowledged for their artwork and protection will be consistent with moral rights legislation.
  • If the event includes live or recorded music, the hirer must provide Council with a copy of the associated licence issued under the Copyright Act 1968 or a confirmation letter waiving this licence from the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd, no less than seven days prior to hire.

Safety / Law

  • The hirer must obtain written approval from Police and submit this to Council at least 14 days prior to hire, if there is an intention to take liquor into the SVES for resale purposes.
  • All exhibit/display items and material must meet Occupational Health & Safety requirements and not in any way disrupt normal routines.  
  • Under no circumstances shall there be any burners, open flames, smoke machines or flammable materials used inside the SVES unless permission is granted by Council.
  • Under no circumstances shall there be any interference with the fire fighting or other emergency equipment in the exhibition space except in the case of fire. If the fire extinguisher or other emergency equipment is found to be removed or tampered with the hirer will be responsible for any replacement/repair costs.
  • All exits, aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and useable to ensure public safety.
  • It is at Council's discretion to reserve the right to insist upon security for any event. Security guards must hold a current 1AC licence which they must display at all times. The hirer must provide the name of the security firm in their application if applicable.


  • These guidelines need to be adhered to if you wish to exhibit or hold an event at the SVES. Council reserves the right to decline the work of any artist who does not meet these requirements. Council also reserves the right to amend or update the guidelines and application form at any time.
  • Shellharbour City Council assumes no insurance liability for art works/material on exhibition and will not at any time be responsible for any loss of or damage to the exhibition caused in any manner whatsoever. This is including damage as a result of the use of our venue space, equipment, hanging systems or furniture provided.
  • Shellharbour City Council assumes no insurance liability or fines as a result of public interaction, serving of food or alcohol, injuries, indemnity, infringements or other as associated with your event.


More Questions?

If you have any questions about the application process, wish to discuss your project proposal or require feedback with regards to your application; please contact:
Shellharbour City Council.